The Environment

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The Environment

We are conscious of our impact on the local community, the environment and our overall sustainability. Consequently we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to achieve this within areas where we have direct control and try to influence stakeholders within our business as much as possible.

In the future we will establish a documented environmental system based on BS EN ISO 14001.


Green Services

Within our cleaning and gardening services we constantly review our procedures to minimise waste, recycle where possible and maximise the use of eco-friendly products.


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The aim is for our vehicle fleet to be electrically powered, reducing the harmful emissions on the environment. Also, for any business meetings we will use available public transport such as the Metrolink and the local train network.

Recycle & reuse

We'll endeavour to recycle or reuse any items that we clear or collect, for example dumped items that we think have some remaining life will be passed to a local charity shop with the proceeds going to a good cause.


Socially aware

Applecross wants to be a good neighbour and build a place in the local community. From the outset and as we develop we will push to employ local South Manchester trades and residents. There are future plans to develop select training programmes for those employees who want to gain new skills and grow with the company. We also hope to support good local causes and charities as the opportunities arise.



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